Summit's Trace Healthcare Center providing the highest levels of care and comfort to families in Columbus.
Summit's Trace Healthcare Center
in Columbus is a Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled nursing center
providing the highest levels of transitional care, rehabilitation therapy, long-term nursing services and assisted living in the Columbus region. Whether you, or a loved one, are in need of short-term therapy, or longer range care for Alzheimer's or other complex medical conditions,
our professional and caring staff is here to provide you with unparalleled clinical care and personalized service in a hometown setting.
Restoring your health. Returning you home.
Our Transitional Care Unit helps people regain their strength and independence following surgery or stroke.
Transitional Health Care Unit
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Summits Trace Columbus
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Summit's Trace Healthcare Center
935 North Cassady Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Tel: 614-252-4987
Fax: 614-252-5952
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